Validating Your Model with SensiML TestApp

The SensiML Toolkit greatly accelerates the time to market for any device by creating an all-in-one workflow. The final step after creating a model is to validate your Knowledge Pack running on your edge device through the SensiML TestApp. The SensiML TestApp uses BLE to get recognition results from the Knowledge Pack. Make sure to select BLE as the Output of your Knowledge Pack during download.

If your device does not have BLE, we recommend using the SensiML Open Gateway Application to see your recognition results.


Connecting to a Device

The SensiML TestApp can be used in Android or Windows to see live classification results from an edge device.

  1. Open the TestApp and connect to your device to see the classification output over BLE


The SensiML TestApp uses BLE to view classification results. If you are using QuickFeather or any device from the SensiML Development Platforms that does not have BLE you can use the firmware documentation to see the steps for viewing Knowledge Pack output from your device without using the SensiML TestApp

Showing Class Names

By default, the app will be displaying the Class ID outputs of the event you are classifying. You can instead show your Class Names by modifying the settings in the TestApp


  1. Open the TestApp configuration screen and click Setup events

  1. Click the Add button to add events or you can import a model.json file from the Knowledge Pack folder that you downloaded from the Analytics Studio

  1. You will now see the class names and pictures instead of class IDs

    (Optional) You can also show pictures with your events. Make sure to enable the Show Pictures setting in the SensiML TestApp configuration screen



  1. Open the Options and click Open Model File and select the model.json file location on your computer. This file is located inside the Knowledge Pack folder that you downloaded from the Analytics Studio