Analytics Studio

The Analytics Studio is an application that filters and optimizes your labeled sensor data through machine learning algorithms. It generates a model (SensiML Knowledge Pack) ready to be flashed into the firmware of your device of choice. The most powerful part of the Knowledge Pack is that it will be detecting events on the low memory sensor without ever requiring a connection to the cloud.


SensiML AutoML and Analytics Studio Notebook

The Analytics Studio uses AutoML to abstract the complexities of machine learning algorithms and translates them to a user-friendly interface.

Additionally, we have more advanced tools in our desktop application, Analytics Studio Notebook. The Analytics Studio Notebook is a variation of the Analytics Studio that uses a python-based Jupyter Notebook interface to dive deeper into the functions that were used by SensiML’s AutoML. This gives you the tools for customizing your own functions, training algorithms, and classifiers of any model. We will leave the advanced model building tools for a later tutorial.

Loading the Analytics Studio

  1. Open the Analytics Studio by going to and log in to your account. You will be taken to the Home page where you can see the projects uploaded to your account



    You can also follow this guide using Analytics Studio Notebook

  1. Open your project by clicking the Open Project icon or double clicking on the project name