Building Recognition Firmware

The SensiML Analytics Studio supports building recognition firmware (Knowledge Packs) for any hardware platform described in the SensiML Firmware Documentation.

Supported Compilers (Arm, x86, Android NDK) listed in Knowledge Pack Integration can generate library or source code firmware ready to be integrated onto your platform of choice.

Supported Devices/Development Platforms in the SensiML Firmware Documentation can generate binary, library, or source code firmware ready for flashing to the device without having to utilize separate tools.


Interfacing with SensiML Knowledge Packs

Instructions for how to interface library or source code recognition models with your embedded device can be found in the Building a Knowledge Pack Library Documentation.

Adding Devices to the SensiML Analytics Studio

If you have a specific third-party device that you would like to be displayed as a build option within the SensiML Analytics Studio, this can be done by following the instructions in the Adding Devices to the SensiML Analytics Studio Documentation.