ST SensorTile

Flashing SensorTile Firmware

Data Collection Firmware

In the links below you can find the firmware for flashing a SensorTile device with data collection firmware for use with the SensiML Data Studio.

SensorTile pre-built Data Collection Firmware




Build Version

Accelerometer/Gyroscope (1660, 833, 416, 208, 104, 52, 26 Hz) Audio (16 Khz)



v1.0 mqtt

Accelerometer/Gyroscope (416, 208, 104, 52, 26 Hz) Audio (16 Khz)

BLE Protocol


v1.0 ssi


Data Collection Firmware is required to record data with the Data Studio. Data collection firmware uses large portions of RAM to enable SD card collection, and is disabled when running a Knowledge Pack.

Firmware Source Code

Firmware source code for both data capture and recognition can be found on Bitbucket at

Configuring your Nucleo Board for the first time

  1. Obtain ST-LINK device such as a STM32 Nucleo board, which bundles an ST-LINK V2.1 debugger and programmer.

  2. Download and install ST-Link Utility from STMicro for flashing

  3. When you first receive your Nucleo board there is a first time setup step. (Full Documentation: STM SensorTile Documentation under UM2101 user manuals)

Nucleo Boards First Time Setup

  1. Ensure that both jumpers on CN2 are OFF

  2. Connect an external ST-LINK to the SWD connector on the cradle paying attention to the polarity of the connectors. (a 5-pin flat cable is provided in the SensorTile Kit package)

    Pin 1 on the STM and Sensor Tile is identified by:

    • A small circle on the PCB silkscreen – STM32 Nucleo board and SensorTile cradle expansion

    • The square shape of the soldering pad – connector on the SensorTile cradle

    Pin 1 on the flat-cable is identified by a small triangle on the connector

STM32 Nucleo board, cradle and cradle expansion SWD connectors


SWD connections with 5-pin flat cable


Connecting to the SensorTile Board

See Pictures for the connection between your Nucleo board and your assembled SensorTile.

Nucleo and connected SensorTile


Close up view of SensorTile connection


Viewing Knowledge Pack Recognition Results

When a Knowledge Pack is flashed on the board, the classification results can be viewed by connecting to the virtual COM port in a terminal application. Follow the steps below for viewing the recognition results:

  1. Plug in your SensorTile device via serial USB cable

  2. Open a terminal emulator (such as Tera Term)

  3. Set your serial speed to 115200

  4. Create a new connection to your SensorTile device COM port

You will now see classification results printed in the terminal

Advanced: SensorTile SDK Integration

(Optional) See the Building a Knowledge Pack Library tutorial and IAR with SensorTile setup steps for how to integrate SensiML application code into the SensorTile SDK using IAR. This allows you to call Knowledge Pack APIs directly at the firmware level or customize your data collection firmware.