SensiML Analytics Toolkit

Create Smart IoT Sensor Devices Rapidly
Reduce Data Science Complexity

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Build Accurate AI Sensor Algorithms For the Smallest IoT Devices

AI Sensor Processing at the Extreme Edge

Create compact algorithms that execute on tiny IoT endpoints,
not in the cloud

Production Grade Data Capture & Labeling

Collect accurate, traceable, version controlled datasets

Rapid Prototyping in Days or Weeks

Utilize advanced AutoML code-gen to quickly produce autonomous working device code

Code-Gen and Analysis Tools You Won’t Outgrow

Choose your interface, level of AI expertise, and retain full access to every aspect of your algorithm

Continuous Edge-Learning Algorithms

Build edge tuning models that that customize behavior as they see more data.

Raw Signal Capture to Data Insight Labeling (Data Capture Lab Phase) to Algorithm Generation to Firmware Code Generation (Analytics Studio Phase) to Test, Validation and Support (Test App)

The SensiML Endpoint AI Workflow

SensiML Analytics Toolkit suite automates each step of the process for creating optimized AI IoT sensor recognition code. The overall workflow uses a growing library of advanced ML and AI algorithms to generate code that can learn from new data either the development phase or once deployed.

Watch The Workflow Video QuickLogic and SensiML Climate Change Challenge Winners Announced

July 1, 2021 – About six months ago we, the folks at QuickLogic, and the Avnet online community announced our Challenge Climate Change contest. There were so many amazing tinyML solutions addressing climate change that it was difficult for our panel of judges to select the very best. However, six ideas rose to the top (three in the "battery powered" category and three in the "line powered" category). 

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SensiML Partners with Microchip Technology for Smart Edge IoT Applications

June 29, 2021 – Microchip’s microcontrollers are used all over the world in a broad range of sensor-based applications. Learn how SensiML's partnership with Microchip enables an automated design flow in which the SensiML tools can easily tap into sensor data from the MPLAB X IDE to build models small enough to span Microchip's MCU product line.

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SensiML Open Source Initiative Logo

SensiML Launches Open Source Initiative

May 10, 2021 – SensiML announces it has launched an Open Source Initiative to accelerate the adoption of TinyML smart sensing IoT applications. The initiative builds upon SensiML’s existing efforts to design flexibility, transparency and efficiency into its product suite by giving developers control and insight over vital aspects of their ML workflow, tools, data, and resulting models.

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