STMicro Hardware

Flashing Firmware

Data Collection Firmware

In the links below you can find the firmware for flashing a device with data collection firmware for use with the SensiML Data Studio. pre-built Data Collection Firmware





Accelerometer/Gyroscope (6667, 3333, 1666, 833, 416, 208, 104, 52, 26 Hz), Audio (16 Khz)





Data Collection Firmware is required to record data with the Data Studio. Data collection firmware uses large portions of RAM to enable SD card collection, and is disabled when running a Knowledge Pack.

Flashing With STM32 Cube Programmer


Ensure your device is powered on before you begin

Ensure your device is connected to the ST-Link and powered on. Open STM32 Cube Programmer

Ensure ST-Link is selected, then click on the connect button.

STM32 Cube Programmer Connection

Once connected, you should see some of the memory dump of the chip:

STM32 Cube Programmer Device Memory

Click on Open File:

STM32 Cube Programmer Open File

Select the binary you wish to flash. Now click on Download

STM32 Cube Programmer Downloading

You will see text pop up in the Log on the bottom of the screen. Once the download completes, a popup will notify you.

STM32 Cube Programmer Downloading Complete