Quick Start Project

Slide Demo Project

In this guide we are going to walk through a Hello World example project which we refer to as the Slide Demo. The goal of this demo is to familiarize you with the SensiML Toolkit workflow. This project showcases the continuous event type described in Data Collection Planning. We will leave the discrete event case for a more advanced tutorial.

The SensiML Toolkit has out-of-the-box support for many devices described in the Data Collection Firmware Documentation. If you have your own embedded device that is not in the list, we support any third-party devices that implements our Simple Streaming Interface firmware as described in the Integrating Custom Devices user guide.

If you have an embedded device with data collection firmware, you can follow along using your device. Otherwise, you can download an example dataset below:


If you are using an embedded device to follow along it must be flashed with data collection firmware. Instructions for flashing data collection firmware can be found in the Data Collection Firmware Documentation

Slide Demo Events

The Slide Demo has three continuous states. This demo is used to simulate a motor motion. To make this demo more accessible we make these motions with our hand, but in the real world you would attach your sensor to a motor.

Events of interest:

  • Stationary - Board is resting on a desk surface

  • Horizontal - Board is slid back and forth (left to right or forward to back) on a flat surface in a repetitive rhythmic motion to simulate a part moving back and forth


Horizontal orientation

  • Vertical - Board is lifted in an up and down motion in the air in repetitive rhythmic motion to simulate a part being lifted up and down


Vertical orientation