Quick Start Project

In this guide we are going to walk through a Hello World example project which we refer to as the Slide Demo. The goal of this demo is to familiarize you with the SensiML Toolkit workflow.

Optional: Download Dataset

We provide a full dataset for this tutorial that you can use to follow along.


The Slide Demo has three continuous states. This demo is used to simulate a motor motion. To make this demo more accessible we make these motions with our hand, but in the real world you would attach your sensor to a motor.

Events of interest:

  • Stationary - Board is resting on a desk surface

  • Horizontal - Board is slid back and forth (left to right or forward to back) on a flat surface in a repetitive rhythmic motion to simulate a part moving back and forth


Horizontal orientation

  • Vertical - Board is lifted in an up and down motion in the air in repetitive rhythmic motion to simulate a part being lifted up and down


Vertical orientation