Data Collection Firmware

Data Capture Lab Integration

The SensiML Analytics Toolkit uses an AutoML approach to build smart applications by using sensor data files to train a model to detect the events in your application. The SensiML Data Capture Lab is an application that is used for collecting training data directly from your device, importing external CSV/WAV files, and labeling the data to be used for training your model.

Importing External Data

If you have your own means of collecting sensor data from your device, the Data Capture Lab can import CSV/WAV data sets from any source. See more on the various import formats described in the Importing External Sensor Data Documentation.

Building Data Collection Firmware

The Data Capture Lab can collect sensor data directly from any third-party hardware that implements one of the SensiML Interface Specifications. See more on how to implement a SensiML Interface Specification and integrate your device into the Data Capture Lab in the Adding Custom Device Firmware Documentation.