SensiML Toolkit Documentation

The SensiML Toolkit is a software suite that makes it easy for a software developer to take edge devices with sensors and turn them into advanced event detectors. The toolkit comes with three applications which can be download at SensiML Downloads

  • Data Capture Lab – The Data Capture Lab is an application that helps you capture, organize, and label raw data from the sensor and transform it into the events you want to detect.

  • Analytics Studio – The Analytics Studio is a python-based tool for filtering and optimizing your labeled sensor data through machine learning algorithms. It generates a device optimized SensiML Knowledge Pack (event detection algorithm) ready to be flashed onto your sensor of choice.

  • SensiML TestApp – The SensiML TestApp allows you to see the real-time event classifications from the SensiML Knowledge Pack running on your sensor over Bluetooth-LE. It comes in a Windows or Android version that can be downloaded from the Windows/Google Play stores.

You can register for a Free Trial or Purchase a Subscription.

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