All supported platforms in the SensiML Toolkit can be loaded with a simple function call:


There are two ways to select your chosen platform:

# The first way
chosen_platform = client.platforms[1]
# The second way
chosen_platform = client.platforms.get_platform_by_name('Amulet 4.1')
# Print out platform information
# Set the device configuration to the desired platform
client.pipeline.set_device_configuration(platform=chosen_platform, debug=False)
class sensiml.datamanager.clientplatformdescriptions.ClientPlatformDescriptions(connection: Connection)

Base class for a collection of functions


Populates the platform_list property from the server.

get_platforms(function_type='') list[sensiml.datamanager.clientplatformdescription.ClientPlatformDescription]

Gets all functions as function objects.


function_type (optional[str]) – type of function to retrieve


list of functions

class sensiml.datamanager.clientplatformdescription.ClientPlatformDescription(connection: Connection)

Base class for a PlatformDescription object

get_config(test_data: str = '', debug: bool = False, target_processor: Optional[ProcessorDescription] = None, target_compiler: Optional[CompilerDescription] = None, target_application: Optional[str] = None, float_options: Optional[str] = None, platform_version: str = '')

Generates a default configuration dictionary for downloading a knowledgepack using this platform programmatically

  • test_data (str) – name of test data file to load onto knowledge pack,

  • debug (bool) – Build option for knowledge pack. Debug mode will have extra printouts to help with debugging issues.


Populates a single transform object from a dictionary of properties from the server.


Calls the REST API and populates the local object properties from the server.