Streaming Sensor Data to the DCL over Wi-Fi

In some cases, you may want to use a gateway to retrieve sensor data from your device as an intermediary between the Data Capture Lab. The SensiML Open Gateway can be used for this. You can find the Open Gateway in github at the following link:

Configuring the Open Gateway for Sensor Streaming

These instructions use the Nano33 BLE Sense as an example device, but any edge node that implements the protocol can be used. Connections can be made over Serial, TCPIP, and BLE.

We assume you have already followed instructions for installing SensiML Open Gateway found in the README file. After starting the SensiML Open Gateway you will need to configure it to connect to the Nano33 over BLE. To configure the gateway:

  1. Go to the Configure Gateway tab

  2. Select Connection Type: BLE

  3. Click Scan -> Select Nano33 DCL

  4. Select Device Mode: Data Capture

  5. Click the Configure Gateway Button
  1. Go to Gateway Status to see the new configuration
  1. Go to Test Mode -> Connect to validate data is Streaming

Connecting the DCL to the Open Gateway

Now that we have configured the SensiML Open Gateway application, we can start streaming data into the SensiML Data Capture Lab.

To connect do the following:

  1. Select Capture Method: Live Stream Capture and Connection Method: Wi-Fi.

  2. Click Find Devices

  1. Enter the address and port of your Device/Gateway.

  2. Click Add Device.

  1. Select your Device/Gateway and Click Connect

  1. Verify the data is being streamed live into the DCL.


Now that the data is streaming to the Data Capture Lab, you can begin recording capture files. Files that are recorded will be saved locally and synced up to the SensiML Cloud.