IAR with SensorTile

There are additional steps for integrating the SensorTile SDK with SensiML application code using IAR.

  1. Download the SensorTile Source Code from the SensiML Bitbucket repository

Tools Used

The instructions for this guide were tested with the following:




IAR Embedded Workbench

IAR Home

GNU Make For Windows



Arm GCC Toolchain (arm-none-eabi)

8.2.1 (8-2018-q4-major)

Arm Developer Center

SensorTile SDK


STMicro SensorTile Software

Linking SensorTile SDK using IAR

  1. Navigate to ST-Apps/sensortile_ai_app/IAR_Project

  2. Find the file sensortile_ai_app.custom_argvars Here you will need to fill in the file data

IAR Custom Argvars

    <group name="SENSIML" active="true">
  1. Put the path to where you have unzipped the SensorTile SDK where you see FILL_ME_IN

  2. Load the workspace/project in IAR by opening the sensortile_ai_app.eww file in IAR.


You can verify the variable is loaded by going to Tools → Configure Custom Argument Variables

../../_images/iar-custom-args.png ../../_images/iar-custom-args-2.png

GCC Setup

In order to run makefiles using GCC follow the steps below.

  1. From the root of the repository cloned above, navigate to ST-Apps/sensortile_ai_app/GCC_Project

  2. Find the file sensortile_ai_app.custom_argvars

  3. Uncomment the last line of the file:

# Copy this file to sensortile_ai_app.custom_argvars

# Uncomment the following line, and edit the variable name STSW-STLKT01
# and modify its associated value to point to the location of the SensorTile SDK
# installation directory.

  1. Put the path to where you have unzipped the SensorTile SDK where you see FILL_ME_IN

You should now be able to run make and see the build.

Building For Data Collection

  1. Open the file ST-Apps/sensortile_ai_app/inc/Fw_global_cfg.h


  3. Ensure this is the only mode defined in the file

  4. Build with your chosen build system

Building A Knowledge Pack Library

SensorTile IAR and GCC Projects have already been set up to link the Knowledge Pack library downloads. If you are starting from scratch, you can refer to the Building a Knowledge Pack Library section of the support site.

The default path of the SensiML library and generated code for the SensorTile projects is located in the repository at ST-Apps/sensortile_ai_app/knowledgepack

The folder structure in the project looks like this: