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SensiML Adds Support for QuickLogic’s QuickFeather IoT Dev Kit

August 14, 2020

This week SensiML added support for the Quicklogic QuickFeather Development Kit. Noteworthy for its inclusion of Arm Cortex-M4 MCU, FPGA, and an array of sensors in a fully open-source HDK using the popular Adafruit Feather form factor, the QuickFeather makes a great IoT development platform for developers of consumer, wearable, and industrial products.

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When AI Goes Wrong: Avoid This Leading Cause for Project Failure

July 30, 2020

Scenario: Six months and $500,000 of investment into a key initiative to build a more intelligent product or streamline a strategic internal process using AI, and things are not going well.

The frequent culprit is poor upfront planning for a data-centric approach to development. Read more about this all too common issue that can undermine AI project success before you even start.

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Nasdaq Helps SensiML Spread the Word On Our COVID-19 Initiative

June 5, 2020

As we seek to spread the word on our COVID-19 AI data collection initiative, Nasdaq generously offered to promote our initiative on the “Nasdaq Tower”, a giant multi-story electronic display in Times Square in New York City.  Those interested in contributing anonymous cough sound samples on our collection site can help build sensor insight we will make available as open source dataset and an edge AI screening solution later this year.

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SensiML’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

May 11, 2020

SensiML announces two COVID-19 initiatives:
1) SensiML Toolkit Starter Edition is now available for a limited time at $99 for a 90-day license.
2) SensiML to open-source a COVID-19 AI dataset for rapid virus screening from cough sounds. Learn how you can contribute to this project yourself.

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New SensiML Analytics Studio Makes AutoML for IoT Edge Easier Than Ever

April 13, 2020

This week SensiML is releasing an all new version of its industry leading AutoML application SensiML Analytics Studio for building optimized embedded sensor algorithms for IoT devices.  SensiML Analytics Studio has existed since our inception as a core component of our AI Toolkit.  Previously it consisted of both a Python language interface for data scientists

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The Case for AI at the Edge

February 21, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly commonplace as organizations seek to bring effective decision making and operational efficiencies to business in ways that transform how humans and machines work together. As this transformation takes shape, the advantages of edge-based AI implementations over centralized or cloud-based models is changing how AI tools are being deployed and

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Nordic GetConnected Blog Article Featuring SensiML

January 22, 2020

Nordic Semiconductor‘s nRF52 Bluetooth® SoC is supported within the SensiML Toolkit and includes out-of-the-box connectivity for the Nordic Thingy:52™ directly within our Data Capture Lab data collection and labeling application. This week, Nordic featured SensiML in its GetConnected blog series that covers a range of key topics related to the connected world of the Internet

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Visit SensiML at CES 2020 – See Our Latest Smart IoT Demos

January 4, 2020

SensiML™ Corporation, a leading developer of AI tools for building intelligent IoT endpoints, will be demonstrating its SensiML Analytics Toolkit and how easy it is to integrate real-world edge AI inference models into existing IoT platform. SensiML offers an IoT AI software program that enables developers to build intelligent endpoints quickly and easily (up to five times faster

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Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center Showcases SensiML / QuickAI Solution

December 17, 2019

The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center (SMIC) showcased SensiML and QuickLogic Quick AI industrial sensing this past month as part of their pilot manufacturing demonstration.  The demonstration and multi-phase pilot for rapid configuration modular manufacturing cells with predictive maintenance are functioning at their R&D center based in Seoul, South Korea. The pilot demonstrates how flexible manufacturing

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