SensiML Open Gateway

Open-Source Utility for IoT Sensor Data Acquisition

Middleware That Simplifies IoT Sensor Data Acquisition

SensiML Open Gateway is an easy-to-adapt connectivity tool that can be extended and modified quickly. Written in Python, SensiML Open Gateway can run on a variety of platforms and overcome communication limitations of small-form-factor IoT devices. Out of the box, the application can accommodate many different connection types and sensor configurations and with user customization, SensiML Open Gateway can be tailored to meet user-specific needs for getting data out of the IoT / embedded sensor node and into AI software tools, cloud analytics, and application code running on PCs and smartphones.
Multiprotocol Sensor Connectivity
The Open Gateway implements the SensiML Simple Streaming Service protocol to enable forwarding data to SensiML Data Studio for recording and annotation. SensiML Open Gateway supports connecting to sensor sources over Serial, BLE, and TCP/IP connections. It also supports recording video and sensor data locally to the gateway.
Utilizing the same configuration files for direct connectivity to SensiML Data Studio, the gateway utility can auto-scan for serial and BLE devices and quickly configure for sensor data as defined in the SensiML data collection firmware running on the IoT device.

Key Features of SensiML Open Gateway Software

  • Simple device connectivity: Supporting the open, published SensiML Simple Streaming Protocol over BLE, Serial, and TCP/IP physical layers..
  • Easy Video Annotation: Allowing webcam video to be streamed along with time-series sensor data for easier after-the-fact interpretation of what is happening.
  • Quick Test and Debug for Data Acquisition: Using the Gateway UI, it is simple to confirm data streams are functioning as intended.
  • Extensibility: As fully open-source code, adding cloud IoT connectivity is readily achievable for application demo and cloud dashboard use.
  • Range Extension: As a communication gateway, simple IoT sensor nodes can be connected wirelessly to Data Studio over LAN/WAN distances as needed

The SensiML Endpoint AI Workflow

Platforms and Plans
SensiML covers a broad array of embedded microcontrollers and sensors enabling developers to target the right system for their application needs. From small ultra-low power MCUs possessing tens of kB memory to multi-core x86 client nodes with GBs of SRAM, SensiML provides ML code output to suit the hardware capabilities of your chosen platform.
Platforms and Plans
Whether you are an experimenter, startup, mid-sized manufacturer, or large enterprise, SensiML has a plan tailored to suit your requirements. Compare our different plan features or get started with our "Free Trial Edition" to determine what is best for your own IoT project. As such, you can fully explore the capabilities of the toolkit, collect and label your own data, and build and show real working AI edge models!

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