Trial Edition

Free tier for toolkit evaluation and user training

Explore SensiML’s Powerful ML Data Ops and
AutoML Code Generation For Yourself

As an entry point, SensiML Free Trial Edition provides a zero-cost means to gain familiarity with SensiML’s powerful tools for embedded ML sensor development. You can fully explore all the capabilities of the toolkit, collect and label your own data, and build and show real working AI edge models!

Once you’re ready to move forward with a larger project, you can upgrade your existing account to one of the paid subscription tiers and continue without skipping a beat.

What Can You Do With The Trial Edition?

Virtually anything you can do with SensiML paid tiers… just on a smaller scale. The difference is that models built with Trial Edition:

  • Cannot exceed 100 MB dataset size for train/test
  • May contain no more than 250 labeled segments
  • Require power cycling after 1000 inference results
  • Are limited to binary or C object code library output
  • Support only one user
  • Make uploaded user data available publicly
    to benefit others in the SensiML user community

For zero-cost experimentation, that’s a lot of room to maneuver and learn the ins and outs of what SensiML has to offer!

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