SensiML and ARC Health Group on COVID-19 AI Screening Tech: Panelists Present Details at ACG Silicon Valley

This week SensiML joined a distinguished panel of healthcare, technology, and academic leaders to overview its contributions to towards an innovative COVID-19 screening technology for deployment later this year.

Using multi-sensory inputs from low-cost NFC temperature patch to microphone inputs classifying respiratory sounds, the ARC Health consortium is moving forward with plans to offer frontline healthcare facilities with access to much improved screening technology.

Using edge AI and low-cost NFC technology, the group showcased how greatly improved screening for COVID-19 is possible with richer real-time analysis of easily obtainable biometric data.

As just one of the key measures incorporated in the solution, the panel discussed improvements in the use of temperature. Rather than simple static measurements with “one-size-fits-all” threshold rules (38°C) for assessing subject fever state, more enlightened approaches can use temperature trending relative to personal baseline readings to establish fever conditions on an individual basis and often days sooner.

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