New SensiML Analytics Studio Makes AutoML for IoT Edge Easier Than Ever

This week SensiML is releasing an all new version of its industry leading AutoML application SensiML Analytics Studio for building optimized embedded sensor algorithms for IoT devices.  SensiML Analytics Studio has existed since our inception as a core component of our AI Toolkit.  Previously it consisted of both a Python language interface for data scientists and an AutoML capability for easy UI-driven code generation without the need for deep data science expertise.  Both methods were built within the familiar open source execution environment Jupyter Notebook with the AutoML facility implemented as a dashboard tool within the same environment.

With today’s launch, SensiML’s AutoML facility now exists as a standalone web-based application which will continue to be known as SensiML Analytics Studio, while the Python based interface leveraging Juypter Notebook will continue as a separate application known as SensiML Analytics Studio Notebook.  For data scientists and machine learning experts most comfortable working within a Python environment, SensiML Analytics Studio Notebook will continue to provide programmatic  access to SensiML Cloud and all of the functionality it provides for building optimized ultra-compact ML sensor algorithms for consumer, industrial, automotive, and commercial, and agricultural IoT applications.

To further empower IoT device developers without data science expertise, the new web-based SensiML Analytics Studio is now easier than ever.  First, As a browser-based application there is now no need to install software locally to utilize the AutoML mechanism.  The rich but straightforward controls are divided into basic and advanced options to allow users to more quickly configure and obtain results.  Tuning and iteration of the generated code and testing against new data for model validation can all be done quickly and with new visualization and reporting features.

To try the latest version of SensiML Toolkit and experience the easier browser-based Analytics Studio application, please visit this link to download a free trial of the software.  To learn more about SensiML Toolkit, visit