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SensiML Analytics Toolkit Suite

Automate your development of intelligent IoT sensing


How can SensiML Analytics Toolkit help you

Create optimized AI code without data science expertise

AI code engine selects the right data features and algorithm with minimal user intervention

Code that Runs on MCUs not CPUs

Run on Cortex-M class microcontrollers and up with footprint as small as 40kB

Extensibility and Flexibility

Algorithms can be tuned and personalized on a per device basis using edge learning

Full end-to-end AI workflow

Integrated data collection, import, and labeling tools needed to generate high-quality algorithms

Production Grade Tools

Supports multi-user project, project and dataset management for real product development, not one-off R&D experiments

Significant TTM Gains

5x faster sensor algorithm development over AI/ML expert hand-coding

AI Workflow

Steps involved in creating your autonomous device

Data Capture Lab

  • Train/test data collection
  • Data labeling and metadata annotation
  • Video annotation tools
  • Auto segmentation and triggering
  • Multi-user project collaboration
  • Automated data management
  • WindowsTM and AndroidTM versions

Analytics Studio

  • AutoML code-generation engine
  • Classic ML classifiers thru xNN algorithms
  • Automatic or Directed Feature Engineering
  • Simple Web Application Interface
  • Python Client Option for Data Science Experts

Test App

  • Test tool for model validation on device
  • Real-time and logged collection
  • Rich visualizations and debug info
  • Windows and Android versions


QuickLogic chip

QuickLogic - QuickAI Accelerated AI Platforms

QuickLogic's QuickAI™ and EOS™ S3AI platforms are both supported within SensiML Analytics Studio.

SensorTile Development Kit

ST - STM32 & SensorTile Development Kit

A tiny IoT module that packs powerful processing capabilities and Bluetooth low energy connectivity

NXP i.MX RT1050 and i.MX RT1050 Kit

NXP i.MX RT1050 Crossover MCU and i.MX RT1050 Evaluation Kit

The i.MX RT series of crossover MCUs combine high performance and real time functionality with integration, security and MCU-level usability at an affordable price.

Nordic Thingy IoT Sensor Kit

Nordic Semiconductor - nRF52 & Nordic Thingy IoT Sensor Kit

Nordic Thingy:52® is natively supported within SensiML Analytics Studio

Intel Atom E Processor

Intel Atom E Processors

Built for embedded applications that power mobile, portable, and small-scale devices of every kind.

ARM Cortex-M Series Processor

ARM Cortex-M Series Processors

ARM Cortex-M3 and higher processors are supported within SensiML Analytics Studio

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3/3Bs

Supported within SensiML Analytics Studio

Supported Platform Capabilities

Fully Supported Embedded Sensor Endpoint Platforms

 QuickLogic Merced
QuickLogic Chilkat
ST Sensor Tile
Nordic Thingy
Multi-Sensor Recognition   
External Analog Input (ADC)●*   
External Digital Input
Raw Sensor Data StorageSDCard SDCard 

* With the inclusion of optional Mayhew ADC Board

Use Cases


Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection, Process Control and Inspection, and Industrial Wearables


Occupancy Aware Smart Lighting and Smart City Infrastructure


Livestock Wearables


Virtual Coaching Smart Wearables


Product Information

Downloads for the SensiML Toolkit product offering and technical overview

Articles / Whitepapers

Articles on Smart Sensor Endpoints, IoT, and ML Analytics


Watch demos, an explainer video, webinar, and process overview

Case Studies

See how SensiML Analytics Toolkit has been used to develop Smart Sensor applications for new markets.

QuickStart Video Tutorials

We have created 10 video tutorials to help you every step of the way.


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Note 2: All editions require separate paid commercial redistribution license for integrating SensiML code into commercial products.

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