SensiML Starter Edition: Buy It Once, Prototype All You Want

One-time licensing for Starter Edition available now!

You’ve spoken and we heard you! SensiML Starter Edition was designed to make proof-of-concept and smart IoT prototyping efforts simple and painless. With sample applications, the ability to quickly collect and label your own datasets, and AutoML code generation to create working IoT edge models in no time, Starter Edition can greatly accelerate your smart IoT product concept prototyping.

But we recognize that even the fastest processes can take longer than first anticipated sometimes, especially these days as the world adapts to remote working and more challenges in coordinating and executing on-site data collection. So, beginning this month SensiML Starter Edition is shifting from a one-time introductory subscription term to a full license without time limits. That’s right, Starter Edition will now be valid and usable for as long as you need it and actively continue using the service!*

To take advantage of this new license model, you need not do anything. All existing and prior licensed Starter Edition accounts will convert to the new buy-once, indefinite use license.

Whether you’re a developer that’s part of a corporate innovation team exploring the latest smart IoT innovation concept, a startup developing the next great IoT device, or a maker/innovator pursuing your own passionate open-source projects, Starter Edition, and its lifetime license is for you.

So what’s the catch?

No catches. As always, Starter Edition is intended to provide an easy on-ramp to exploring your own application concepts and implementing them as working AI code running at the edge. Once you have established your application’s viability you can easily upgrade to the subscription-based tiers that provide the functionality and scalability needed when migrating from proof-of-concept to a full fledged product development effort.

So then how does Starter Edition differ from the subscription plans?

SensiML Starter Edition limits the size and complexity of models that can be built and executed. Specifically, a Starter Edition project file can contain up to 2,500 labeled segments and execute up to 1,000 classification inferences. From our years of experience developing customer and demo projects, this limit is enough to test out ideas without undue constraints. Beyond this Starter Edition level, the subscription tiers add:

  • Support for teams of users working collaboratively on project(s)
  • Much larger models as needed to capture the full array of variability found in commercially supported product firmware
  • Choice of binary, library, or full source code model output for extensibility and customization
  • Higher levels of support, training, and technical consultation as needed to advance your IoT concepts into products

For more details on available plans, see the plan comparison table.

What if I already bought Starter Edition?

No problem. Current Starter Edition customers will benefit from the new one-time, no-expire licensing automatically. Prior Starter Edition customers not already on another tier of service can reinstate their license by contacting us with a request to reinstate the account.**

Beginning this month SensiML Starter Edition is shifting from a one-time introductory subscription term to a full license without time limits.

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* As defined in our privacy policy, SensiML reserves the right to delete inactive Starter Edition accounts that have been unused for over one year.

** Reinstatement of accounts subject to data retention limitations per privacy policy. If inactive account is older than one year inactive, you may need to recreate project datasets no longer stored on SensiML’s servers.