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Video and Multimedia Resources

SensiML provides a library of overview videos, demos and topical webinars about it's leading software solution, SensiML Analytics Toolkit, so that developers can quickly grasp the key concepts required to implement their projects without a lot of data science complexity.
Fish Fry: Hearing is Believing
The June 12th installment of EE Journal's extremely popular Fish Fry podcast is all about noisy neurons, cough signature identification, and how AI can help us stem the tide of COVID-19.
ECD: Creating Custom Acoustic Recognition Algorithms
Many pundits say that the key to neutralizing the COVID-19 virus is testing, lots of testing. That’s easier said than done, unless you believe what the technology experts at SensiML are saying. They claim that with enough data in hand, they can tell you whether you have the infection simply by coughing into a microphone. And the test should produce results that are about 90% accurate. Wow! To be clear, this does not meet the requirements of a clinical tool, but it’s a fantastic start.
Creating Custom Acoustic Recognition Algorithms
This webinar covers the complete design flow for developing AI-based acoustic recognition applications using SensiML Knowledge Packs and Silicon Labs AI-accelerated wireless SoCs.
SensiML Industrial Solutions
Industrial Robotics Monitoring Demo
This demo shows classification of robotic arm motion data to give real-time feedback on critical events like performance degradation, cycles counts, and anomalous conditions like collisions with workers and other equipment.
SensiML Smart Building
Smart Building Demos
This video showcases two examples for smart building applications, specifically addressing predictive maintenance and process monitoring capabilities for fan and fluid pumps.
SensiML Predictive Maintenance
Vibration Demo
See a quick demonstration of how SensiML Analytics Toolkit can build autonomous edge IoT models for predictive maintenance of rotating machinery using vibration sensor inputs.
SensiML Analytics Toolkit
An Overview
Building endpoints for AI applications on the IoT edge is the future with the SensiML solution.
SensiML Boxing Gesture Recognition
Running on Cortex-M4
We are helping boxers to improve their punching techniques. The boxing model detects specific boxing punches (gestures) with a wearable device.
Study Habit Support Wearable
Motion Detector Demo
Wearable devices should be able to adapt and update with changing user needs, attributes, the desire for personalization, and evolving applications.
SensiML Snapshot Summary
Animated Intro to IoT Applications
SensiML allows you to take rich data sources from time series sensors and turn them into meaningful events computed directly within your sensor.
Quick Start Projects
SensiML Toolkit Overview
Understand the SensiML workflow and get ramped quickly on the principals and concepts of the SensiML Analytics Toolkit.
Gesture Recognition
SensiML First Responder Wearable Demo
Wearable devices should be able to adapt and update with changing user needs, attributes, the desire for personalization, and evolving applications.
Build Smarter IoT Products Faster
with SensiML and ST
SensiML brings real-time event detection to the IoT sensing endpoint with a platform that is accessible to any application developer.
SensiML's Smart Software Solution
AI Tools for the Extreme IoT Edge
SensiML’s platform brings the firmware and data science expertise so that you can go from PoC to production rapidly and with confidence.