SensiML Adds Support for STMicroelectronics’ SensorTile.Box

This month SensiMLTM is pleased to announce SensiML Analytics Toolkit now provides native support for STMicroelectronics* SensorTile.Box* Development Kit for wireless IoT and wearable sensor applications. is a ready-to-use box kit that enables IoT developers to develop apps using motion, sound, and environmental sensor data. Built around the popular STM32* microcontroller featuring an Arm* Cortex*-M4 core, SensorTile.Box comes with an array of ST’s latest MEMS sensors made accessible through SensiML’s Data Capture Lab application for rapid dataset collection and labeling.

SensiML’s support for SensorTile.Box includes the release of our most sophisticated device data collection firmware yet. Utilizing the SensiML Interface Specification, itself built on industry-standard MQTT-SN messaging protocols, the SensiML data collection firmware for SensorTile.Box provides full control over sensor and channel configuration, and realtime streaming with post-record error-checked data assurance from locally stored capture to device flash. The data collection firmware follows SensiML’s industry-leading methodologies for production-grade dataset capture and cleansing not found in other edge AI tools. SensiML’s data collection firmware is also made available in open source for customers to extend and modify as necessary to suit their particular application needs.

To learn more about STMicroelectronics‘ SensorTile.Box including where to purchase, visit STMicroelectronics’ SensorTile.Box product page.

To learn more about the risks of poor data collection in building edge sensor algorithms with AI and how SensiML Analytics Toolkit uniquely addresses these challenges, see the blog article: When AI Goes Wrong: Avoid This Leading Cause for Project Failure.

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STMicroelectronics STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 SensorTile.Box

Features our most sophisticated data collection firmware yet, made available in open source for customers to extend and modify as desired