SensiML believes the opportunity for IoT smart sensing devices to enrich our lives is only just beginning.  Advances in miniaturized high-fidelity sensing enabled by MEMS technology and smartphone economies of scale continue to drive new groundbreaking capabilities to measure the world around us.   The next big advance before us is the convergence of these low-cost rich-data sensors with ever more capable microcontrollers and the advent of vector and machine learning accelerators that will bring significant leaps in intelligence to rich data sensing devices.


As with nearly every advance in computing hardware, software development tools allowing programmers to fully tap these new capabilities are critical but all too often overlooked.   SensiML is committed to the development and commercialization of a groundbreaking machine-learning developer tool suite that facilitates rapid creation of evolving, real-time embedded algorithms for a new generation of smart sensing Internet of Things and wearable computing devices.


The core team is composed of data scientists, developers, and managers formerly employed by Intel Corporation to develop and launch the Knowledge Builder Toolkit in support of Intel’s Quark SE and Curie microcontroller products which were the first commercial MCUs to integrate ML accelerator technology.


In 2017, newly formed SensiML Corporation acquired the Knowledge Builder Toolkit to continue development of the innovative tool suite as an fully independent software vendor with a focus on expanding to support a broad array of IoT microcontrollers and SoCs.

With over 4-1/2 years and $18M in cumulative development to date, SensiML builds upon the expertise and industry know-how from its experts familiar with designing world-class optimizing ML compiler tools using AI automation methods.


Chris Rogers

CEO/ Founder

Chris Knorowski

CTO / Founder

Justin Moore

Client SW Lead / Founder

Marc Giroux

Core SW Lead / Founder

Mustafa Cetin

Chief Scientist / Founder