Nasdaq Helps SensiML Spread the Word On Our COVID-19 Initiative

SensiML COVID-19 PSA on Nasdaq Tower in TImes Square
SensiML COVID-19 PSA featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, NYC

On my May 11th blog post, I wrote about SensiML’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. In that posting, I described our initiative to use SensiML Analytics Toolkit to analyze cough data helping detect probable COVID-19 infections. That initiative is based on recently published academic research which indicates people who are positive for the infection may have a cough with a unique sound profile.

By using our AI technology to distinguish between coughs of non-infected versus infected individuals, we seek to provide an additional rapid screening solution for health care workers, public officials, and business owners. We think this type of screening can be particularly helpful in slowing the spread of the virus as people start to return to stores, restaurants, schools and businesses.

To further our efforts, we seek to collect a large set of labeled cough sounds from both healthy and infected individuals and have set up a web page to do just that.   Our intention and commitment is to use this data not just for improving our own detection application but also to publish aggregated, non-identifiable dataset as an open-source resource available to researchers and innovators at large.  If you are interested in contributing your own anonymous sample, visit this link to learn more

As we sought to spread the word, Nasdaq (the stock exchange for our parent company QuickLogic, QUIK) invited us to join in their own COVID-19 public service campaign.  Nasdaq generously offered to promote our initiative on the “Nasdaq Tower”, a giant multi-story electronic display in Times Square in New York City.  Their COVID-19 visibility awareness campaign will feature our message on the display, alternating with related messages from other Nasdaq-listed companies and positive awareness messages from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control.

We’re hopeful that this increased visibility will bring us more data over the next few weeks and accelerate our efforts to help slow the spread of this terrible disease.

Please help us to spread the word.

Best Regards,
Chris Rogers
CEO/Founder, SensiML Corporation