SensiML Adds Support for QuickLogic’s QuickFeather IoT Dev Kit

This week SensiML has released an update to our SensiML Analytics Toolkit adding support for the Quicklogic QuickFeather Development Kit. Noteworthy for its inclusion of QuickLogic’s EOS S3 – Arm Cortex-M4 MCU + eFPGA, and an array of sensors in a fully open-source HDK using the popular Adafruit Feather form factor, the QuickFeather makes a great IoT development platform for developers of consumer, wearable, and industrial products.

Support for this latest QuickLogic device provides a valuable option for those customers seeking the power and flexibility of FPGA acceleration to complement MCU embedded code execution. QuickLogic‘s solution is unique amongst FPGAs with fully open-source development tools including FreeRTOS and Zephyr for MCU development and SymbiFlow for FPGA programming.

SensiML continues to expand best-in-class AutoML tool support for market-leading and cutting edge IoT hardware platforms from NXP, STMicro, Nordic Semiconductor, Broadcom, Intel, and Quicklogic. As the only AI development tool delivering scalable, production-grade workflows for IoT development teams, SensiML is your best solution for getting AI out of the lab and into real product deployments today.

To learn more about QuickFeather including where to purchase, visit QuickLogic’s QuickFeather product page.

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QuickLogic QuickFeather – IoT EVB with low-power MCU + embedded FPGA