SensiML Broadens Ecosystem for AI-Based IoT Endpoints – Now Supports NXP i.MX RT Crossover MCUs

NXP i.MX RT1050 Eval KitToday we announced that our SensiML Analytics Toolkit supports NXP’s i.MXT RT portfolio of crossover microcontrollers and their associated i.MX RT1050 Evaluation Kit. This announcement is significant as it gives users of those devices a complete AI-based sensor algorithm development solution for IoT endpoints. With this, NXP customers using the i.MX RT crossover MCUs can quickly and efficiently create AI-enabled IoT endpoint applications without the need for large teams of data scientists and engineers. In fact, this new combined solution can speed development times by as much as a factor of five, especially in the case of complex applications such as anomaly detection and predictive maintenance for the industrial market.

This category of industrial applications is typically quite challenging to build due to the many sources of variability that make labeled data collection extremely difficult. The SensiML Analytics Toolkit addresses this problem by providing not just the core AutoML engine to transform training datasets into optimized embedded code, but also tools to greatly simplify and manage the collection and data labeling effort itself.

The NXP MCUs such as the i.MX RT1050 have become popular due to their high performance Arm® Cortex®-M7 processors and multiple interface options. Conversely, SensiML Analytics Toolkit has found strong favor with IoT device developers for its powerful automated workflow that transforms collected train/test datasets into efficient working predictive model code. With support for Arm CMSIS DSP optimizations, SensiML generated algorithm code can run efficiently and locally on edge sensing devices for applications demanding real-time processing and action. Now developers of IoT applications such as predictive maintenance, process control, and structural health monitoring finally have an automated way to quickly and easily integrate the NXP devices into their sophisticated multi-sensor industrial endpoint IoT nodes.

Introducing this support expands the available market for both SensiML and NXP for the rapidly growing intelligent IoT endpoint market. Look for additional NXP development board support in the near future as both companies continue to work together to provide a complete, seamless, and quick development solution for this important space.