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SensiML at Embedded World 2024

April 15, 2024

Embedded World 2024 is a wrap. If you missed us in Nuremberg, read this summary of what SensiML showed at the show and a preview of upcoming events where you can find us.

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Top 5 New SensiML Dataset Management Features

Boost Your Productivity with These New DCL Features
November 10, 2022

We’ve updated SensiML Analytics Toolkit with a variety of new features to make it easier than ever before for users to create and manage their AI/ML projects and visualize their datasets in insightful new ways.

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SensiML @ Silicon Labs Works With 2022

Accelerating AI/ML for the IoT
September 16, 2022

Watch the video of Chris Rogers’ conversation with Ross Sabolcik, VP/GM of Industrial and Commercial IoT products at Silicon Labs, about the benefits of AI at the edge, key use cases, and how Silicon Labs and SensiML are working together to advance IoT smart sensing with ML.

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Creating a Smarthome Device That Is Truly Smart

Building an Acoustic Aware Door Lock Using Silicon Labs' AI Accelerated xG24 Dev Kit
April 26, 2022

Part 1: Using Silicon Labs xG24 Dev Kit and SensiML Analytics Toolkit, we’ll transform a connected door lock into an innovative enhanced security smart lock.

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A Little Bit About TinyML

How does SensiML fit into the picture?
March 16, 2022

We often get asked about TinyML – what it is, how it works, how we at SensiML fit into the picture, and for some real-world examples of how it can it useful. Let’s start with the definition. For this we turn to the authoritative body, the tinyML Foundation (  Here’s what they have to say: “Tiny

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