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Broad IoT Embedded Edge Platform Support
SensiML supports multiple levels of platform integration ranging from directly flashable binaries for quick test cycles during development, to callable libraries, and full, standalone C source code models. SensiML maintains the broadest array of supported boards with continual additions of the latest ML-optimized MCUs and SoCs. To support bespoke product designs and custom boards, SensiML provides a fully documented embedded SDK, simple interface specification for raw data collection from custom sensors, and numerous open-source reference example applications.

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The next form of integration is awareness and support of unique hardware capabilities allowing for utilization of specific SoC accelerators or compute cores for those devices supporting this capability. Examples of this level of hardware support include DSP and FPGA optimizations for Quicklogic EOS S3, CMSIS DSP optimization for Arm Cortex processor based SOCs, and AI accelerator support for Silicon Labs' xG24 SoCs. The next form of platform support includes specific evaluation and prototyping boards that are recognized directly within the SensiML Data Capture Lab (DCL) for interactive data acquisition of raw sensor data into the toolkit without the need to utilize custom scripts, 3rd party data acquisition software, or custom coding.

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