Data Capture Lab

Production Grade Data Capture and Labeling

Capturing Good Data Means Getting Better Results

Data Capture Lab is a full-fledged, time-series sensor data collection and labeling tool that brings a level of automated dataset management developers are accustomed to in programming tools but is sorely missing in edge ML software until now. SensiML’s approach focuses on allowing developers to build datasets as enduring intellectual property (IP) that can be maintained, modified, explored, extended, and exported easily as required. And good data feeding the modeling process translates to good ML inference code as output.

Companies often don't have the right data, and get frustrated when they can't build models with data that isn't labeled. That's where companies consistently fail.

Data Capture Lab Key Features:
  • Stream recorded data live or remotely collect to device flash memory
  • Support for up to 1Msps input channels*
  • Synchronize local data to/from multi-user SensiML cloud projects
  • Support for popular off-the-shelf IoT sensor eval kits
  • Ability to use with custom boards and sensors
  • Import existing CSV and WAV file sets
  • Export data as required with open and fully documented data formats
  • Synchronized playback of video and audio data during labeling
  • Rich labeling facility including class labeling and user-defined metadata
  • Auto segmentation of discrete event data
  • Multi-session labeling and support for multi-user team collaboration
* 1Msps sample rates provided on selected hardware platforms.
SensiML Provides a Flexible TurnKey AutoML Solution
SensiML differs considerably from other AI tools and has you covered with equal emphasis collection of high-quality labeled sensor data as well as leading edge AutoML algorithm generation. The 'Quick Start' video here is Chapter 6 introducing the basics of data labeling. Visit our TUTORIALS page to view other topics in the series.

Treat Your Data Like the Key Asset It Is

Collecting and labeling train/test data represents the single greatest development expense and source of differentiation in AI/ML model development. It is also one of the most overlooked and error-prone aspects of building ML models. It’s your data, so make sure you start your AI project off right by choosing tools that support your need to manage and curate your data investment over time without getting locked into proprietary systems. Your data is the most valuable asset in the AI/ML development process, so ensure its value will endure.

The SensiML Endpoint AI Workflow

Platforms and Plans
SensiML covers a broad array of embedded microcontrollers and sensors enabling developers to target the right system for their application needs. From small ultra-low power MCUs possessing tens of kB memory to multi-core x86 client nodes with GBs of SRAM, SensiML provides ML code output to suit the hardware capabilities of your chosen platform.
Platforms and Plans
Whether you are an experimenter, startup, mid-sized manufacturer, or large enterprise, SensiML has a plan tailored to suit your requirements. Compare our different plan features or get started with our "Free Community Edition" to determine what is best for your own IoT project. As such, you can fully explore the capabilities of the toolkit, collect and label your own data, and build and show real working AI edge models!