Nordic Semiconductor Thingy:52

The Nordic Thingy:52™ is an easy-to-use prototyping platform, designed to help in building prototypes and demos, without the need to build hardware or even write firmware. It is built around the nRF52832 Bluetooth 5 SoC.

Nordic Semiconductor Thingy:52

Nordic Semiconductor* nRF52840, Arm* Cortex*-M4, 32-bit with Bluetooth* 5.0

Pre-enabled Sensor Types

TDK* MPU-9250 9DoF accel + gyro + mag

Additional Available Sensors

ST* HTS221 temp/humidity sensor, ST LPS22HB pressure sensor, CCS811 VoC sensor, Rohm* BH1745NUC color sensor

Available External Sensor Interfaces

I2C, SPI, UART, ADC (12-bit)

Pre-enabled Connectivity

USB, Serial, Bluetooth BLE

Programming Environment

IDEs: VSCode* with nRF Connect*
Compilers: Arm Embedded GCC

Firmware Flashing

Requires separate programmer (nRF52 DK) and 10-pin ribbon cable to flash.
Firmware Flashing Guide

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