Industry-Leading Low Power Edge AI Solution for Industrial Sensing

Introducing Powerful Edge AI Processing for the onsemi RSL10

onsemi RSL10-002GEVB image

SensiML and onsemi have joined forces to deliver a complete machine learning solution for autonomous sensor data processing and predictive modeling. The collaboration allows SensiML’s Analytics Toolkit development software with the RSL10-002GEVB from onsemi to create a platform ideal for edge sensing applications such as industrial process control and monitoring.

SensiML’s ability to support AI functions in a small memory footprint, along with onsemi’s RSL10’s integrated processing, DSP, memory, and radio communications capabilities, enables sophisticated smart sensing on a single chip without the need for cloud analytics of highly dynamic raw sensor data.

  • Delivers a full AI/ML solution for the ultra-low power RSL10 SoC from onsemi
  • Reduced development time and rapid prototyping of innovative smart IoT product concepts
  • Ability to add AI/ML functionality to products without in-depth data science experience or expertise
  • Faster time-to-market with more intelligent IoT devices
  • High AI modeling confidence from an end-to-end workflow that includes powerful dataset annotation, automated data labeling, full model transparency, and flexibility to tune or modify all aspects of the code
  • RSL10-based platform enables Edge-AI sensor processing and wireless communication in one system
  • Real-time continuous monitoring for process optimizations and maintenance planning
onsemi diagram

"Cloud-based analytics add unwanted, non-deterministic latency, and are too slow, too remote, and too unreliable for critical industrial processes. The difference between analyzing a key event with local machine learning versus remote cloud learning can equate to production staying online, equipment not incurring expensive downtime, and personnel remaining safe and productive."

Dave Priscak, onsemi VP of Applications Engineering