SensiML Unveils Data Studio ML DataOps Platform

Introducing Data Studio: A New Approach to Time-Series ML DataOps

Data Studio ScreenshotWe teased in December the arrival of a transformative tool in ML DataOps, and today, we’re thrilled to introduce SensiML Data Studio. Evolving from the pioneering SensiML Data Capture Lab, our new Data Studio ushers in unparalleled flexibility, customization, and integration for managing time-series dataset development. What sets Data Studio apart is its standalone usability, opening doors for a wider audience to harness the power of ML DataOps across various domains, including cloud ML modeling, custom coding projects, and open-source AI frameworks.

To mark Data Studio’s debut, we’re excited to offer an exclusive promotion for early adopters. Typically priced at $99/month for a monthly subscription and $79/month annually, we’re slashing these rates by 30% for the first six months for subscriptions activated in the next 30 days. This means you can leverage Data Studio’s robust capabilities from just $55/month for a limited time. Secure this offer with the promo code DS-LAUNCH-PROMO at checkout here.

Streamlined Plans for Enhanced Customer Experience

Alongside Data Studio, we’re simplifying our subscription models to better meet your needs:
New SensiML Plans for 2024

  • Team Plan: Merging the Advanced and Premium tiers, this new plan supports up to five users (with the option to add more at $99/user-month), providing over twice the CPU time of the Advanced Tier for AutoML model generation. This is perfect for teams needing rapid optimization of production-quality ML embedded code at just $349/month for a flexible month-to-month commitment.

  • Month-to-Month Flexibility: We’re now offering month-to-month subscriptions across all plans, including the new Team plan, ensuring our pricing aligns with your project timelines and evolving needs.

  • SensiML Trial Edition: Replacing the Community Edition, this free tier allows new users to explore the SensiML Toolkit’s capabilities, offering 1 hour/month of AutoML CPU time and supporting datasets up to 100MB.

Simplified Add-Ons for Easier to Understand Pricing

We’ve integrated key features directly into our subscription tiers, eliminating the need for separate add-ons. This means direct access to processing of various sensor types and C source code output, ensuring a straightforward, cost-effective solution for all users. Additional seats and extra AutoML CPU time can still be added to any plan, offering flexible scalability for your projects.

Discover the right plan for you and compare features by visiting our plans page.

At SensiML, we’re committed to advancing the field of ML DataOps with innovative solutions like Data Studio and our revamped subscription models. Join us in this exciting journey to redefine what’s possible in IoT device manufacturing and beyond.