Infineon “Build AI for the IoT” Contest

Adding AI to edge IoT applications opens up a whole world of new possibilities.  It makes sense that semiconductor manufacturers targeting that space want to accelerate the adoption of AI, and towards that end Infineon recently sponsored a contest with called “Build AI for the IoT”. Their introductory paragraph summarized the contest goal of promoting new concepts that bring AI to the IoT edge:

“The current generation of IoT products are all about using sensors and connectivity to gain a fresh perspective to solve everyday problems.  The next era of the IoT involves unlocking the potential of AI on edge devices where you can run complex AI algorithms right on the edge.  Infineon and are dedicated to making this a reality with the Build AI for the IoT Design Contest.”

Infineon required entrants to use any of their PSoCTM 6 and XENSIVTM products along with their ModusToolbox Machine learning software.  They also recommended that the applicants check out AI software from their partners, including SensiML.

When they announced the contest winners, we were very pleased to see that the first place winner, who developed a detector for illegal logging and forest fires, used the SensiML Analytics Toolkit software as a critical part of their solution.  The third place winner, who built a system to detect and alert people to water faucets left running, also used the SensiML Analytics Toolkit as a critical part of their design.

The fact that these two winners used the SensiML tools in their design was especially gratifying as they represent the new generation of embedded designers who are able to understand the value of implementing AI for edge IoT applications, and how SensiML can help enable that implementation.  Going forward, we expect to see our tools used in more and more creative edge IoT applications such as these.

Congratulations to the contest winners!

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