Data Studio Edition

Comprehensive Data Management and Visualization for Sensor Data

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ML DataOps Software for Managing Time-Series Datasets

Born out of SensiML’s IoT edge AI/ML tool suite, Data Studio now is available for general-purpose sensor data analytics. Whether you plan to run your ML model in the cloud, on a PC, or edge devices using your own code, Data Studio can streamline your dataset creation and management tasks.

  • Intuitive interface for time series sensor data management and visualization
  • Streamlined process for capturing and annotating high-quality datasets
  • Import and evaluate ML Model performance online and offline
  • Python plugin support gives you the flexibility to expand your analysis

What Can You Do With Data Studio?

  • Capture and import sensor data (up to 10GB included storage)
  • Collaboratively label sensor data (with unlimited labeling)
  • Analyze, filter, transform, and fuse sensor data
  • Export datasets to third party ML and analysis tools
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