Introducing New, More Flexible Plans


  • New Proto Plan offers fixed fee for a single application
  • Proto reduces term anxiety with a full year license to use
  • All paid plans to provide flexible add-on features
  • Customers can now tailor their plans to suit their exact needs

Starting August 1st, SensiML is updating its service plans to bring more value and flexibility to its customers. 

A new plan offering called ‘Proto Edition‘ (or just ‘Proto’) provides a pay-per-use option for first-time and infrequent users of AutoML tools. By offering service on a single application basis, ‘Proto’ allows such users to gain familiarity and confidence in using AutoML tools and the associated teach-by-example approach to generating sensor algorithms for embedded devices. Starting at just $3,499, Proto Edition provides developers with a full year license to SensiML Analytics Toolkit for a fixed price. Unlike our free Community Edition — intended for experimenters and hobbyists — Proto Edition provides unrestricted output models suitable for building real-world commercial products.

Our Basic and Standard tier plans are being repackaged as ‘Advanced Edition’ and ‘Premium Edition’ respectively. Offered with like features to our prior Basic and Standard tiers, an important difference is provided that allows customization of plan features that were previously not configurable. These options include:

  • Adding (and removing) additional user seats based on monthly project needs
  • Adding capability for high rate applications like audio and ultra-high rate sensors (e.g. piezo and acoustic emission sensors)
  • Adding additional AutoML cloud compute time as required should your dataset analysis exceed the associated plan limit
  • Adding premier technical support including direct application engineering consultation and training via prepaid support packages
  • Adding full C source code output capability if/when desired on Proto and Advanced plans (Premium has this capability already included)

This flexibility along with the three base plan options provides SensiML customers the flexibility to maximize their investment and minimize project risk and upfront cost on new applications.

To learn more about each of the plans, please visit the plan comparison table and explore the details outlined in each of the plan detail pages. For questions or more information, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

SensiML Proto Edition provides a pay-per-use option for first-time and infrequent users.

All SensiML paid service plans to benefit from flexible add-on features.