Adding Intellect to Industry:

Machine Learning with onsemi's RSL10 SoC
November 11, 2021

  Over the last 200 years or so, increasingly sophisticated automation has driven multiple waves of the industrial revolution and lifted the global standard of living by making manufactured goods relatively inexpensive.  The next wave, which some call the fourth industrial revolution, includes AI combined with robotics to create intelligent machines capable of learning how

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Smart Manufacturing with SensiML

Applying AI at the IoT Edge to Injection Molding Processes
August 9, 2021

Opportunities to improve manufacturing processes by adding machine learning sensors at the IoT edge are rapidly emerging. Thanks to a combination of Powerful microcontrollers and multi-core SoCs like the EOS S3 on QuickLogic’s QuickAI HDK High-resolution, low-cost MEMS sensors and microphones Powerful AutoML-based AI tools like SensiML Analytics Toolkit it is possible to bring sophisticated

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Introducing SensiML Free Trial – Gain Familiarity with Edge AI and SensiML AutoML

November 25, 2019

SensiML offers an IoT AI software program that enables developers to build intelligent endpoints quickly and easily (up to five times faster than hand-coded solutions).  Now with the availability of the free trial and Data Depot dataset repository, developers have the opportunity to easily preview the toolkit and learn how SensiML can vastly accelerate IoT algorithm development

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