Advanced Edition: Analytics Studio Toolkit

High productivity subscription tier suited to small and mid-sized teams

Our Most Popular Service Tier Now More Flexible than Ever

Maximum value and productivity for AutoML experienced small development teams

Big power for Small IoT Innovation Teams

Whether you are a newly minted start-up, or an existing small, or mid-sized company seeking to build innovative smart sensing applications, SensiML Advanced Edition provides an extremely affordable solution for extracting more intelligence and insight from your IoT devices. At the most basic level, SensiML Advanced Edition is a dramatic time and money-saving alternative to hand-coded sensor processing code development. Used to its fullest, SensiML Advanced Edition provides a scalable tool for creating customizable models quickly with personalization, edge tuning, and automated code optimization to fit the smallest of embedded devices.

Our Advancement of SensiML Basic SaaS

Those familiar with SensiML Basic plan (previously our lowest cost recurring subscription tier), will recognize the features of SensiML Advanced which provides the same full-featured, single-seat base subscription but now with much more flexibility to customize the plan to suit your needs.

Reduced upfront cost and risk

Purchase full source code only if and when you need it. The end goal for many developers is to obtain hardware-optimized source code that can be further modified and integrated with application code for building a complete IoT device firmware image. Others require only callable libraries without the need to modify the inference model itself. By default, Advanced Edition provides binary models for easy testing and linkable library output for firmware integration and user-customizable post-processing using our straightforward API. For those needing ultimate control, SensiML models in source code format utilize non-dependent, non-obfuscated C code output for maximum flexibility. This option, included in our Premium subscription tier, is also made available in Advanced Edition as an optional add-on. Regardless of your chosen final code form, SensiML always provides full model transparency with a complete listing of transforms, segmenters, features, and classifier selections for any and all models. If at any time during your development, you should decide source code access makes sense, this can be purchased and enabled separately, lowering your upfront costs and project risk.

Customized Add-ons To Suit Your Needs

Every team’s project is different and SensiML has restructured its plans to allow customization to suit your unique requirements. Advanced Edition comes enabled by default to generate ML models for motion, vibration, gesture recognition, and countless other subsonic sensor (i.e. requiring <10kHz sample rate) applications. It includes a single-user license and a generous 250 hours of AutoML CPU cloud computing each quarter to accommodate multiple projects and datasets. Beyond this, optional add-ons to your Advanced Edition account can be enabled at any time during the license term including:

  • Additional user licenses (at $99/user-month)
  • Support for sensor datasets up to 1 MHz sample rate
  • Additional AutoML CPU cloud computing
  • Premier technical support packages (direct consultation with SensiML application engineers available in prepaid, flexible use allocations: Bronze, Silver, and Gold Support packages)

Contact your SensiML sales representative for details and a custom quotation.

Build AI-based sensor applications in three easy steps:

  1. Data Capture Lab

    Train, label and test your data collection

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  2. Analytics Studio

    Automatically generate AI code

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  3. TestApp

    Validate model and test device

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