Bosch Sensortec

Quickly and Easily Create Intelligent IoT Endpoints with the Arduino Nicla Sense ME and Bosch Sensortec Sensors

Enabling AI/ML development for Arduino Nicla Sense ME board allows developers to add local intelligence to IoT endpoint applications using Bosch Sensortec Sensors

SensiML’s complete AI/ML development environment complements the Arduino board, making it easy for Bosch Sensortec sensor users to create low power yet highly intelligent endpoints without needing large teams of data scientists or previous AI expertise. Together, the SensiML Analytics Toolkit, Arduino Nicla Sense ME board, and the Bosch Sensortec sensors create a complete end-to-end smart IoT endpoint solution.

The Arduino Nicla Sense ME Board

The Arduino Nicla Sense ME board is physically small and comes with a 64 MHz 32-bit Arm® Cortex-M4 processor along with motion, environmental, pressure, and magnetic sensors from Bosch. Additional sensors can be easily added using the built-in SPI or I2C interfaces. The ultra-low power consumption and tiny size (less than one square inch) of the Nicla Sense ME board enables IoT developers to install complete, intelligent endpoints right at the sensing point.


  • Tiny form factor board enables intelligent endpoints right at the sensing point
  • Supports rapid time-to-market with Arduino Pro module and SensiML AutoML code-generation
  • Multiple Bosch Sensortec sensors enable innovative IoT solutions involving motion, pressure, and environmental sensing

“Smart, tiny, ultra-low power and autonomous IoT endpoints are the wave of the future. That’s why we worked with Arduino to develop the Nicla Sense ME board and with SensiML to support the board and our Sensortec sensors with sophisticated AI/AutoML development tools."

Stefan Finkbeiner, CEO at Bosch Sensortec
Whether its environmental sensing for HVAC control and alerting, smart motion detection for home security sensors, or a variety of other smart home use cases, SensiML and Bosch Sensortec have a solution to fit your next intelligent IoT smart home device. SensiML has dramatically streamlined and simplified the entire algorithm development process for extracting application level insight from sensor-based consumer IoT and smart home products. Combined with ultra-low power MEMS sensors from Bosch Sensortec, the net result is a quick, easy, and effective way to add intelligence to home automation endpoints while keeping power consumption extremely low.
Optimizing for efficient energy consumption while maximizing comfort and productivity of building occupants is a careful balancing act. Facilities managers and building owners favor cutting-edge systems that give them the control, ROI, and services they expect. SensiML combined with Bosch Sensortec environmental and motion and vibration sensors can bring the intelligence needed to separate your building automation solutions from the crowd. Smart building systems can leverage SensiML to deliver intelligent control and sensing points offering presence detection, traffic monitoring, and vibration analysis to drive frustration-free smart lighting control, improved security, HVAC predictive maintenance, and building resource utilization dashboards without resorting to the cost and user privacy issues of camera based solutions.
SensiML got its start by pioneering innovative wearable technology that transforms wearable sensors into intelligent virtual coaching devices. The combination of SensiML and Bosch ultra low-power inertial and environmental sensors can deliver use cases that are a quantum leap beyond step counting. With gesture recognition and motion analytics, SensiML can help elevate fitness and healthcare wearables with application-specific models your development team can rapidly create, support, and expand without the need for AI expertise nor tedious embedded algorithm development and optimization.
SensiML Analytics Toolkit combined with Bosch Sensortec inertial and environmental sensors can provide the means to offer customizable factory automation solutions for industrial end users. Combining the power of AI analytics with the efficiency and responsiveness of edge sensor processing, SensiML and Bosch offer the means to develop smart IIoT machine sensors can be deployed in settings and at scales not previously possible. The combination of ultra low-power sensing and SensiML IoT edge AI processing enables edge learning wireless industrial IoT sensors with multi-year battery life. With edge algorithms, the potential deluge of ensuing data can be effectively managed and only insights of value conveyed for downstream reporting and analysis.