SensiML & Silicon Labs Partner on Cutting-Edge AI for IoT:

AutoML Smart Sensing Tools for the EFR32 / EFM32 Family of Low Energy MCUs

Silicon Labs Thunderboard Sense 2

SensiML has collaborated with Silicon Labs to enable AutoML-based rapid development of optimized machine learning sensor models for Silicon Labs’ energy-friendly EFR32 and EFM32 microcontrollers (MCUs).

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SensiML to Present at tinyML Summit

SensiML Community Edition

SensiML Corporation, a leading developer of AI tools for building intelligent IoT endpoints, announces that it has introduced a new, zero-cost version of its SensiML Analytics Toolkit called “Community Edition”, which features a lifetime license that never expires. Now, endpoint IoT developers can download the software and quickly begin developing, prototyping, and evaluating AI functionality for their applications without cost or risk.

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Product Briefs

Product details on SensiML Analytics Toolkit,an end-to-end development platform spanning data collection, labeling, algorithm and firmware auto-generation, and testing.

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Learn how to use the SensiML Analytics Toolkit via easy-to-follow video segments that break down the process into the steps involved and highlight other topics of interest for getting the most from SensiML.

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SensiML Toolkit enables AI for a broad array of resource constrained time-series sensor endpoint applications. Learn how it is done by watching our overview videos, demos, and webinars.

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