What is Analytics Studio?

Analytics Studio is the core AutoML application that runs in the cloud to build models based on your provided labeled datasets and return executable code for predictive models that can run on your target edge hardware platform. Designed as a UI based tool, SensiML Analytics Studio provides a standardized workflow for selecting labeled data and metadata of interest from a given input dataset, establishing model constraints and target performance objectives, configuring AutoML seed, segmentation, and feature parameters, and then executing the AutoML search optimizer. Once results are returned, bit-exact code emulation can be run for a chosen platform to assess performance and resource consumption prior to ever flashing the model for physical test. Test vectors can be provided to test model generalization beyond the train/test data used during cross-validation. Visualization of results in tabular, summary, or graphical form are supported and details of the resulting model can be explored and refined. With a desired candidate model selected, the final steps are to generate embedded code in either fully compiled executable binary form, object code, or with Standard or Enterprise editions full C source code can be generated.