SensiML Tutorial Series

SensiML Analytics Studio and QuickLogic QuickFeather Eval Kit

Join us for our free webinar tutorial series and learn how SensiML, QuickLogic, and SensiML’s partners can help you transform your IoT sensing devices from merely connected to truly intelligent.

SensiML is committed to making embedded AI sensing both open and easy for developers to innovate new smart IoT product concepts. In support of this goal, we introduced a webinar tutorial series in January to cover a variety of topics related to embedded IoT development, TinyML and AI at the edge, sensor data processing, and SensiML Analytics Toolkit.

As always, attendance at these tutorial sessions is open to all and offered free of charge. We hope to see you on an upcoming call.

To register for upcoming talks and view replays of past topics, please visit our Resources>Tutorials page.