Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center Showcases SensiML / QuickAI Solution

The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center (SMIC) showcased SensiML and QuickLogic Quick AI industrial sensing this past month as part of their pilot manufacturing demonstration.  The demonstration and multi-phase pilot for rapid configuration modular manufacturing cells with predictive maintenance are functioning at their R&D center based in Seoul, South Korea.

The pilot demonstrates how flexible manufacturing can be combined with adaptive edge learning predictive maintenance and process control sensor algorithms to provide both tooling nimbleness and reliable process control in one. Ordinarily, these goals are at odds given the need to establish defined algorithms for controlled operations. With Edge AI from SensiML and QuickLogic QuickAI processors, SMIC will show how predictive maintenance and process control and monitoring can be updated on-the-fly as manufacturing changes dictate.

SMIC IoT Edge Predictive Maintenance Demo

Above:  The SMIC flexible manufacturing cell (a packaging operation for cosmetic products)

SMIC - Close up of QuickAI / SensiML module

Above: A close-up of the QuickLogic QuickAI and SensiML Edge AI sensing modules.  Each is capable of measuring 6-axis motion and vibration as well as audio.

SMIC Demo - SensiML Data Capture Lab

Above: A screenshot of machine learning data collection and labeling as performed in the SensiML Data Capture Lab application.