Introducing Community Edition: SensiML’s New ‘Always Free’ Tier for Experimenters


  • Free tier targeting experimenters, innovators, and advance R&D teams
  • Completely free account with no time limits or trial periods
  • Suitable for prototyping, proof-of-concepts, and experimentation
  • Addresses the full range of SensiML use cases
  • Available immediately for sign-up or upgrade for current Free Trial users

The progression of machine learning from cloud-centric applications to distributed analytics including the billions of IoT edge sensor nodes is the latest frontier in AI. The opportunities for product value creation and innovative use cases are tremendous and enabled by Moore’s law, hardware accelerators, and associated AI development tools like SensiML Analytics Toolkit. The possibilities enabled by transforming the connected Internet of Things into the intelligent IoT is bound to be game-changing for startups, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking companies who recognize and move quickly to use AI to differentiate their IoT products.

In support of this innovation, SensiML is introducing a new tier of its industry-leading AI toolkit for the extreme edge made expressly for the experimenters and innovators leading this wave. SensiML Community Edition is a completely free tier of our popular AI developer environment for the IoT edge.

SensiML Community Edition provides the means to build fully functional edge IoT inference models using:

  • Your own existing labeled or unlabeled datasets imported into SensiML
  • Newly captured datasets captured and labeled using SensiML Data Capture Lab
  • Models built leveraging our growing library of example and community datasets in SensiML Data Depot

The power of SensiML AutoML made accessible to makers, innovators, and evaluating developers for free.

To learn more and to sign up for SensiML Community Edition, please visit our plan comparison matrix or Community Edition signup page.