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SensiML offers cutting-edge AutoML software tools empowering application developers to rapidly build smart IoT devices, transforming raw sensor data into autonomous meaningful insight. The SensiML Analytics Toolkit, provides an end-to-end development platform spanning data collection, labeling, algorithm and firmware auto generation, and testing. You can find more product detail here in technical briefs and case studies to download.
SensiML Analytics Studio Product Brief
An overview of the SensiML Toolkit product offering including high level benefits, applications, toolkit components, and supported offerings.
SensiML Analytics Studio Toolkit - A Deeper Technical Overview
SensiML brings real-time event detection to the sensor endpoint with a platform that is accessible to any application developer.
Smarter Roads and Safety via Self-Sensing AI Road Reflectors
SensiML has prototyped a device combining multiple sensors and AI processing in a common road reflector for real-time insight on traffic conditions. This brief describes the application and edge AI benefits for making smart road infrastructure smarter.
Mando-Hella Electronics Rapidly Develops Smart Sensor Applications Using SensiML Toolkit
With the combination of hardware know-how and SensiML Analytics Toolkit for automating the development of smart sensor algorithms, MHE has developed no fewer than five completely unique intelligent products in less than 9 months’ time.
Healthcare Screening
SensiML AI sensing algorithms can transform biosensor, acoustic, and environmental sensor data to provide real-health and wellness assessments using AutoML techniques.
Smart Lighting
SensiML AI sensing algorithms can transform raw signal data from passive IR and microphone sensors into accurate contextual insight as needed to drive a variety of smart-building use cases.
Coaching Wearables
Take your wearable device to the next level with SensiML Analytics Toolkit, capable of providing detailed real-time activity recognition, form and gait anaylsis for virtual coaching applications.
Smarter Roadways
On roadways across the world, there are few items more pervasive than the ordinary raised pavement marker (RPM). Consider the possibilities when this simple passive safety device is transformed into a smart IoT active safety device.
Predictive Maintenance and Anomaly Detection
Skilled equipment operators are taught to detect and react to machine faults learned through years of experience. With SensiML AI algorithms, this same trained ear wisdom can be applied to 24/7 automated sensor endpoints as well.