Livestock Wearables

Motion and Audio Based Herd Health Monitoring

With over 300 suppliers now offering some form of animal sensing technology, from RFID tags to wearable sensors and ingestibles, the market for smart ag livestock sensors is becoming extremely competitive.  Given most devices are utilizing a common set of low cost sensor inputs, differentiation in animal wearables comes down to three areas:

  • Device power efficiency
  • Degree of meaningful insight from sensors (i.e algorithms)
  • Integration with existing livestock operations


SensiML offers developers of smart ag wearables powerful tools to improve all three.  With efficient algorithms that can support power management at multiple levels, SensiML enables sophisticated signal processing on processors capable of meeting battery life requirements of farming and ranching operations.  While low power often comes at the cost of meaningful insights, SensiML can support motion and audio sampling of complexity needed for estrus monitoring, lameness, activity monitoring, and other key livestock health metrics.  And because all sensor signal processing and classification is done locally on the device, communications from the animal sensing device to the network is extremely low bandwidth making LPWAN networks practical versus systems with limited connectivity or the need for many wireless access points or repeaters.