Standard Edition: Analytics Studio Toolkit

Full featured support for high-performance models, multi-user collaboration, and customizable code

SensiML Analytics Toolkit is offered as a quarterly SaaS Service Plan with service levels that fit the needs and project phases of developers, engineers, and data scientists building intelligence into their products.

Our Most Popular Tier of Service:

Standard edition supports all available time-series sensors up to 100kHz sample rates and provides full source code access to linked feature transform and classifier libraries.

SensiML Standard Edition comes complete with scalable multi-user access and productivity across larger, multi-disciplinary teams (test technicians capturing train/test samples; domain experts labeling datasets; software developers, engineers, and data science specialists running AutoML pipelines and analyzing results; firmware engineers implementing resulting platform optimized code in their target hardware devices for integration, QA engineers performing test/validation of resulting algorithms).

NOTE: Effective August 1, 2021 the Standard Edition tier of service is replaced with Premium Edition which is functionally equivalent but now offers the flexibility of customized plan add-ons such as Premier technical support options, the ability to add users, and upgrades in output and application support levels. Existing Standard Edition customers need not do anything to enjoy these additional account benefits. Your current Standard Edition plan qualifies you automatically for Premium Edition add-ons and your current Standard Edition subscription pricing will not change.

To learn more about the additional benefits of Premium Edition please see the plan comparison table or the Premium Edition detail plan page. To request specific add-ons, please contact your SensiML sales representative.

Build AI-based sensor applications in three easy steps:

  1. Data Capture Lab

    Train, label and test your data collection

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  2. Analytics Studio

    Automatically generate AI code

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  3. TestApp

    Validate model and test device

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