Premium Edition: Analytics Studio Toolkit

Full-featured support for large teams and enterprise users


Our Top Service Tier Built With Enterprise Needs in Mind

Multi-user team collaboration, large dataset analysis, and full source output for enterprise-scale projects.

Built To Scale With You

For large teams and those seeking our highest level of support, SensiML Premium Edition includes the full-service offering with support for multi-user collaboration (10 users included, additional users available as add-ons) allowing scalable data collection, labeling, model generation, and testing by large teams. Premium Edition also provides the full range of model outputs including binary, library, and C source code formats allowing projects to seamlessly progress from prototype to production code development. With support for datasets up to 100GB and support for all SensiML sensor applications from low-rate motion and gesture recognition up to 1MHz acoustic emission and ultrasonic sensors, there are no limits to the time-series models possible with Premium Edition.

Customized Add-ons To Suit Your Needs

Every team’s project is different and SensiML has restructured its full line of plans to allow customization to suit your unique requirements. Premium Edition comes enabled with support for up to 10 users along with a large allocation of 500 hours of AutoML CPU cloud computing each quarter to accommodate multiple projects and datasets. Beyond this, optional add-ons to your Premium Edition account can be enabled at any time during the license term to ensure you never encounter limitations in tool use. Available adders include:

Contact your SensiML sales representative for details and a custom quotation.

Build AI-based sensor applications in three easy steps:

  1. Data Capture Lab

    Train, label and test your data collection

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  2. Analytics Studio

    Automatically generate AI code

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  3. TestApp

    Validate model and test device

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