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Free Trial: Analytics Studio Toolkit

Free trial includes sample datasets for rapid exploration.

Build AI-based sensor applications in three easy steps:

  1. Data Capture Lab

    Train, label and test your data collection

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  2. Analytics Studio

    Automatically generate AI code

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  3. TestApp

    Validate model and test device

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What will I learn from buying the starter plan versus just beginning with the free trial?

Nothing To Lose and Much To Gain:

Free trial version is limited to exploration of the toolkit using example datasets supplied from SensiML to showcase various applications. By contrast, Starter Edition allows you to work directly with your own datasets using the tool.

We generally recommend that customers start with downloading and working through the Free Trial to understand the process and UI using the Quick Start example tutorials. Once you have a general familiarity, purchasing a license to Starter Edition opens up the ability to explore model generation and test using your own datasets and application

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