SensiML Analytics Toolkit is offered as a quarterly SaaS service plan with service levels that fit the needs and project phases of developers, engineers, and data scientists building intelligence into their products.

Free Trial – A no-cost way to learn more about the capabilities of the SensiML Toolkit. Free Trial allows users to learn the SensiML AutoML workflow, functionality, and application interface using sample datasets that provide a rapid way to get familiar with building edge AI models prior to having labeled data of one’s own.

Starter Edition – A low-cost entry to our software enabling the rapid creation of proof-of-concept prototypes and software evaluation as a one-time license. Starter Edition comes with the same functionality as our Standard Edition license, except it is limited to single-user access, 2500 labeled segments, 1000 inferences without device reset, and either binary or library code output.

Basic Edition – Supports mainstream motion and gesture applications where full C source code is not a requirement, nor is multi-user support or the ability to support high bandwidth sensors > 10kHz. This value-priced tier of service is intended to enable small and mid-tier innovators with an affordable alternative to ramping up costly signal processing and data science expertise while providing a rapid means commercialize novel solutions for wearables, smarthome IoT products, and other similar projects.

Standard Edition – Our most popular tier of service  comes complete with scalable multi-user access and productivity across larger, multi-disciplinary teams (test technicians capturing train/test samples; domain experts labeling datasets; software developers, engineers and data science specialists running AutoML pipelines and analyzing results; firmware engineers implementing resulting platform optimized code in their target hardware devices for integration, QA engineers performing test/validation of resulting algorithms). Standard edition supports all available time-series sensors up to 100kHz sample rates and provides full source code access to linked feature transform and classifier libraries.

Enterprise Edition – For large teams and those seeking our highest level of support, SensiML Enterprise Edition includes the full capabilities of Standard Edition with double the multi-user licenses (teams up to 20 users), a service level agreement for support, and direct access to the SensiML engineering team for training, support and early beta-level updates.