What levels of SaaS service plans are available in the SensiML Toolkit?

SensiML Analytics Toolkit is offered as a quarterly SaaS service plan with service levels that fit the needs and project phases of developers, engineers, and data scientists building intelligence into their products.

Community Edition – A zero-cost entry to our software enabling the rapid creation of proof-of-concepts and software evaluation.  Unlike other competing tools, our free tier is NOT trialware but rather is fully functional and available as long as required for your evaluation and prototyping purposes. Community Edition comes with the same functionality as our paid Proto Edition license, except it is geared to evaluation stage projects (single-user access, 1GB of data storage, 3 hours/month of AutoML compute time, 2500 labeled segments, 1000 inferences without device reset), and does not provide upgrade add-ons as with any of the paid plans including Proto Edition.

Proto Edition – SensiML Proto Edition is intended to best suit those undertaking their first SensiML application. With full modeling capability, unrestricted device firmware functionality, and access to online, email, and available direct premier support options, Proto plan provides all the features you need to build your first real-world commercial-ready smart IoT device using AutoML technology.

Advanced Edition – A more flexible version of our most popular tier of service, Advanced Edition provides an extremely affordable solution for extracting more intelligence and insight from your IoT devices for multi-project developers with ongoing needs for AutoML modeling and embedded smart sensing code generation. Advanced Edition is tailored to provide maximum value and productivity for experienced small and mid-sized company development teams. With the flexibility to features, users, capabilities, and premier support, Advanced Edition can be customized to meet your team’s precise needs.

Premium Edition – For large teams and those seeking our highest level of support, SensiML Premium Edition includes the full capabilities of SensiML Analytics Toolkit and comes with cost-effective bundled inclusion of add-on features and scalability suited for enterprise development projects. Premium Edition comes with support for 10 users (and additional users can be added as well), up to 100GB of datasets, full C source code output, and the ability to generate models for sensors up to 1MHz sampling rate. Premier support packages for direct technical and application support are available and can be customized to suit your team’s needs and budget.