sound recognition

Sound recognition is a technology, which is based on both traditional pattern recognition theories and audio signal analysis methods. Sound recognition technologies contain preliminary data processing, feature extraction and classification algorithms. Sound recognition can classify feature vectors, feature vectors are created as a result of preliminary data processing and linear predictive coding. In monitoring and security, an important contribution to alarm detection and alarm verification can be supplied, using sound recognition techniques. In particular, these methods could be helpful for intrusion detection in places like offices, stores, private homes or for the supervision of public premises exposed to person aggression. In all these cases, a recognition system can report about a danger or distress event. It could further identify sounds like glass break, doorbells, smoke detector alarms, red alerts, human screams, baby cries and others. Sometimes, the alarm is triggered by other detectors (e.g. temperature or video-based) and the sound recognizer would be associated with these other modalities, to verify the alarm, with the purpose of decreasing the global false alarm detection rate.