Bosch Sensortec

The Bosch Sensortec family of smart sensor systems includes sensor nodes, which are System in Package (SiP) solutions that are ideally suited for demanding applications such as augmented reality, navigation, gaming, robotics, or industrial applications. Furthermore, our programmable sensor systems contain a programmable microcontroller, which allows an even more versatile sensor application. Our AI sensor systems are ideal all-in-one solutions for always on sensor applications and enable sensor applications such as fitness tracking, pedestrian positioning, machine learning analysis and orientation estimation through self-learning AI software.

The Arduino Nicla Sense ME board is physically small and comes with a 64 MHz 32-bit Arm® Cortex-M4 processor along with motion, environmental, pressure, and magnetic sensors from Bosch. Additional sensors can be easily added using the built-in SPI or I2C interfaces. The ultra-low power consumption and tiny size (less than one square inch) of the Nicla Sense ME board enables IoT developers to install complete, intelligent endpoints right at the sensing point.

SensiML’s complete AI/ML development environment complements the Arduino board, making it easy for Bosch Sensortec sensor users to create low power yet highly intelligent endpoints without needing large teams of data scientists or previous AI expertise. Together, the SensiML Analytics Toolkit, Arduino Nicla Sense ME board, and the Bosch Sensortec sensors create a complete end-to-end smart IoT endpoint solution.